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  • Pay Only When You Receive a Sale, Lead or Booking
  • Turbo Charge Your Revenue With a Risk Free Solution

Results-Driven Google Ad Expert

Tom Bagshaw is a results-driven Google Adwords expert with 11 years experience managing PPC accounts for businesses such as TGI Fridays, BMW, Cartridge World and Atlantica Hotels. He’s spent many years successfully increasing profits for hundreds of businesses, and he is now passionate about using his skills to help businesses looking for that break. 

Nathan Webster has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years as an SEO and PPC expert, a friendly and dedicated member of the team here to make our clients campaigns work to their maximum capacity.

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Why Should You Hire Tom?

With 11 years of experience managing adverts for businesses via Google, LinkedIn and Facebook ads, Tom knows how to create campaigns that will work and optimise them for maximum results.

He’s passionate about not only results but working with businesses looking for that break, businesses that are ready to scale.

Tom has a unique fee structure. You won’t pay a penny until you get a return. This means zero risks. If Tom chooses to work with you, he’s so confident in getting you results he’s happy to work on this basis.

He works with you directly, no big agency, no getting lost in the system. A personalised service, with his experience from working in a large agency delivered on a one to one basis, for maximum impact from your ads.

Google partner


There’s no denying that there are a large number of “experts” out there that you could choose to work with. It’s recommended to check the person you chose is a Google Partner and holds the AdWords Certification. This means Google have checked and approved the individual, and you can feel more reassured that they are able to manage and optimise your campaign.  

Tom Bagshaw has been a Google Partner for 11 years. You can view his status here and see that he holds the Adwords Certification.  


To get started you will need to contact Tom here or complete this short form. A meeting will be arranged, usually held online or over the phone. During this meeting, it will be decided if you and Tom will work well together. He’s looking to work with businesses that are ready to scale and increase their revenue. It’s important that you are the right fit for each other before you begin working together. 

Tom only works with a small number of businesses at any one time to ensure they get the attention and focus they need to get the most optimal results. Please get in touch to check if there is the capacity to work with you and your campaign. 

Tom is confident in his ability to grow your business using PPC adverts, as such he does not charge a monthly fee. If you decide to work together it’s most often on a percentage of revenue basis. This means if you don’t get results you don’t get paid. Tom is very proud to be able to offer this service as it can be a lifeline to businesses who need zero risks, but assistance with their digital marketing efforts. 

What you start with isn’t as important as the capacity you have for growth. You can start small at £5-10 per day, but you need to be ready for the additional sales or leads you will receive, and ready to reinvest this money to keep growing and scaling your business.

Tom can work with many different types of business from e-commerce businesses through to service-based individuals. The key aspect is that you can grow from online sales or online leads. These will be provided for you, with minimal financial risk. 

If the following apply, please do get in touch to discuss working together;

1. Are you interested in extra revenue and growth?

2.Are you worried about paying marketing fees and not getting a return?

3.Do you think you could expand with online sales or leads?

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You can get in touch here, or complete the form below. A meeting will then be arranged where it will be discussed how you could work together and the potential results you can expect to see. Tom only works with businesses that are ready and have the capacity to grow, and he’s proud to offer these businesses a zero-risk way to do that.