A consistent way to get quality Invisalign leads that convert into customers

You need more leads to convert to consultations in your clinic. You don’t need dead leads that aren’t contactable or don’t want to go on to pay for treatment. You don’t want to pay spiralling marketing costs. You want consistent numbers of quality leads coming in to keep your business flowing.

We understand, and having worked with many dental and orthodontic clinics, we have refined our Invisalign lead generation process to create a high number of quality leads that repeatedly and regularly convert.

We only work with one clinic per city, this gives you security in exclusive leads but does mean the places to work us are limited.

How do we do this?


We create your unique landing page designed to enhance your offer

We create a high converting specific landing page for you. On here we advertise your best offer for Invisalign braces. We only work with one clinic in each city, so you are not competing for business in your geographical area. We focus solely on promoting your clinic to the customers in your area.

Once we sign a clinic in a city, we close our offer in that city. We will not take on another clinic and only work with you. If we already have a clinic in your area unfortunately we cannot work with you.


We create your high converting adverts on Google and Facebook

We create all the advertisements required, and we cover the ad spend. You do not pay a penny until a lead is received.This offers a risk-free way to advertise your business.

Our team work around the clock to ensure your adverts convert the audience into customers resulting in a high number of quality leads. Because this is such a good offer we are selling out on available cities quickly.


High-quality leads are received and quickly forwarded

We know that acting quickly is key with the successful conversion of the leads. We immediately forward any leads received directly to you via email. These are exclusive leads – you will not be competing with other clinics as we only forward them to you.


We invoice you for leads daily

You have a risk free way of receiving leads as we only invoice on leads we generate and we will refund for any dead leads or hoax numbers. We then invoice you daily with 1-day payment terms at only £40 +VAT. It’s really important this invoice gets cleared within the terms for us to continue working together.

We understand that you might be worried about paying out for leads that are not contactable, and whilst we do our utmost to filter these out, but it’s impossible to guarantee it won’t happen. That’s why we are more than happy to quickly refund on these leads. We don’t want to impact your cash flow.

Why are we so confident in what we do?

The Optads team have a longstanding history in creating high converting quality ads. We are so confident in what we do we are happy to put money upfront into your ads and only ask you to pay for leads received.

Our team consists of marketing experts, graphic designers, copywriters, sales experts and experienced campaign managers. We don’t believe in one person to do all these jobs, we find its better to have a group of specialists that work very closely together to achieve your results.

We know our leads are high-quality leads. Ultimately we want to keep working together, if you constantly don’t receive good quality leads, we know this affects your trust in us, and would lead to a break down in our working relationship. This is why we work extremely hard to always seek to improve the quality of leads.

We appreciate some clinics look to get their own leads, we feel we can really enhance your lead generation process, simply because our experts know exactly what they’re doing. This means you can leave the time and stress of this process to the people who know what they’re doing, whilst the clinic can then focus on matters other than marketing.

How can you optimise your conversion rate?

Fast Response

We recommend that you have a system whereby the leads are called within a few minutes of enquiring and followed up on Whatsapp business and a scheduling app such as Acuity scheduling. We will send leads through and the key to making the most out of them is a quick and thorough response. We are more than happy to talk through this with you further to ensure you get the highest conversion rate possible.


You have the reassurance that only you will receive the lead, as we only work with one clinic in each city, you are competing with other clinics over the lead, so this makes conversions much higher, in fact, our current rate of conversion for other clinics who use our lead generation service is 25%, way above the industry average.

Consider Your Offer

We also find that the more attractive your offer the higher the volume of leads we receive - people typically like money off, pay monthly with no deposit, and free 3D scans.

You don’t have to do this, but it can increase the number of leads.


How to sign up with us

To get started, you need to get in touch to see if we work with an Invisalign provider in your area. If we already do have a clinic in your geographical area, unfortunately, due to the exclusivity element of our offer we won’t be able to work with you. 

If we don’t have anyone yet in your area then we can discuss how the process would work for you, answer your questions, and once you are happy, begin work immediately.

It takes approximately 3 days to get the campaigns set up and then you will immediately begin receiving leads.

Unfortunately, various locations are already taken, for example, Birmingham and Watford, so it’s important to get in touch sooner rather than later to avoid missing out. As it’s a risk-free strategy to generate leads, we are selling out areas quickly obviously.

Complete this simple form to get started now.


Act Quickly

We can only work with one Invisalign clinic per area. Currently, we have Watford and Birmingham unavailable. If you leave it too late there is a good chance we cannot work with you

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