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  • Highly Experienced Designer/Developer
  • Works Alongside PPC expert to Maximise Results Based Advertising
  • Work Directly With Our Chief Designer - Don’t Get Lost in a Big Agency

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Website design that gets your customers to take action

Goran Svoboda is a senior web developer with over 9 years of experience in building high-quality websites and graphic design. He is a WordPress specialist and is highly skilled at building scalable websites for any industry. Goran excels in building sites that are professional, responsive and functional, but also understands the marketing principles to create websites that drive valuable actions from your customers.

Nathan Webster has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years as an SEO and PPC expert, a friendly and dedicated member of the team here to make our clients campaigns work to their maximum capacity

Why Should You Hire Goran?

Goran works within our team to provide the design and development material for results-based marketing. He understands that design needs to not only be beautiful but that it plays a key role in conversions and sales.

We don’t charge additional costs if you need web development or design as part of an ad campaign. We recognise that for the ads to be successful, they need to be accompanied by a strong web presence that yields results.

We will even improve existing page design if we feel it’s going to help you get more results. We only get paid based on your results and so we are fully focussed on optimising all steps in the sales process. 

Our Recent Designs

Extensive experience


Goran has 9 years extensive experience in HTML, CSS, SEO, Photoshop and Illustrator. This means you can feel confident that his websites are not only practical and functional but that due to the design, the customer will choose you over competitors. His aim is for you to reach success through design. 


Goran completes his work as part of our ad campaign packages. If you are interested in scaling and growing your business through online sales or lead contact us here. A meeting will be arranged, usually held online or over the phone. During this meeting, it will be decided if there we are the right fit to work together and if we can help you grow your business. 

Goran can also complete stand-alone website, advert or design work. If you want to discuss this further, again please contact us and we can quote separately on this. 

Goran only works with a small number of businesses at any one time to ensure they get the attention and focus they need to get the most optimal results. Please get in touch to check if there is the capacity to work with you and your campaign.

With our advertising campaigns, Optads are unique as we only charge you based on the results we get for you. We include all the necessary creatives such as landing pages, full websites, advert graphics. You will not pay any extra for these services. We do what it takes to get you results.

If you would like to take advantage of Goran’s expert design and development skills to design materials optimised for sales, but you don’t need an ads campaign building, we can also give you a stand-alone quote for this work alone. Please contact us here to obtain a quote.

Goran can work with many different types of business from e-commerce businesses through to service-based individuals. The key aspect is that you can grow from online sales or online leads. These will be provided for you, with minimal financial risk.  

Good design is about more than aesthetics, it’s about making websites and ad creatives that are not just responsive on mobile and different browsers, but that can result in conversions and sales. We want you to get results and we know you need graphic design coupled with sound marketing principles, and that’s why we work together as a team to get you results.

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